Kali for Kids


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T.A.C.T.I.C.S. shows how the single and double stick work of the Filipino Martial Arts
is used for Empty-handed Self Defense.
You will learn through special drills how your natural movements are applied to the
actions of the stick and beyond to bring you a
kick-butt Self Defense Curriculum!


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Ages 9 - 17


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What is Kali?

It is a Filipino Martial Art that was developed in the Philippines and tested in actual combat at all levels from wartime to street fights and more.
Over the years it has been systemized into an “art” form. Kali is also known as Escrima and Arnis. It has been street tested and passed with flying colors.


Why is FMA, Filipino Martial Arts, a great Self Defense System?

When a situation occurs where you may feel threatened your body will automatically go into a survival mode. When this happens a whole bunch of things change within us. Without getting too deeply into it the issue we are most concerned with is the loss of Fine Motor Skills, i.e. inserting a key in a lock, picking something small up with two fingers or playing a musical instrument. What takes over are Gross Motor Skills which are big movements, arms extending forward, upward or downward in big motions. Just watch YouTube videos of real attacks. You will notice the majority of people move the same. Even in professional boxing and mixed martial arts. The only difference with people in competitive sports is that they are using what I like to call “Trained Gross Motor Skills”.


Now if you look at the Stick Work of FMA you will notice that most of the movements fall into the description of Gross Motor Skills. The drills experienced in the FMA class hone your GMS to strike in a certain way specific targets of an attacker’s body. It teaches your muscle memory how to have your body react and move. Now take away the sticks and do the same movements empty-handed. Then take these skills and use them to defend against an attacker wielding a weapon. All the same Gross Motor Skills with minor adjustments.


So why are Filipino Martial Arts a great Self Defense System?

Because you learn a small set of movements that focus on your body’s natural defensive reactions and apply them to a multitude of defensive as well as offensive maneuvers.


Is FMA Good for Children to Learn?

In today’s world any self defense system is beneficial for everyone, especially children.

What sets aside FMA from other martial arts such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do is, as mentioned earlier, the natural movements used.  Other arts focus on kata or set movements and intricate techniques that can take a long time to become usable. Unfortunately under stress most of the learned skills are difficult to execute and the practitioner gets hurt in a street confrontation. Even though other martial art systems teach weapons they are traditional and not adaptable for real life encounters. Plus you cannot legally carry weapons.

What about self defense classes? They are great but unless the information is continuously practiced the child will forget what he/she learns. It is a small percentage that will be enthusiastic about the information they are learning.


FMA focuses on the use of 26” sticks as the main way of learning self defense. Children like the twirling action and the sound of the sticks clashing together. This makes them enthusiastic to practice what they are learning and desire to progress. The drills and movements learned are then used without the sticks, which is where we now get into practical and effective self defense. The students see how what they are learning with sticks can easily be used with just their hands. As they practice with their sticks outside of class they are actually practicing empty hand self defense.  The sticks just make it fun to practice. They also learn kicks, takedowns, controls, how to fall and weapon disarms.


FMA is not all about just hitting either. The student gains enough self confidence to walk away from confrontational situations. With the knowledge of being able to defend yourself you have no need to use it unless absolutely necessary.



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