Kyusho Tactical Control Program
By "Kyusho International"

The premier course of its kind, both in the United States and abroad, sought out by professionals ranging from Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel to Security Officers and Bodyguards.

This Program is vital for any person, not just LEO, that might have the need to control an individual. Nurses, Teachers, Air Marshals, Flight Attendants, EMT, ect...

The Kyusho Tactical Control Program is an innovative and proven program of pressure point controls. Unlike any other program in the field, it has a proven track record of success and can easily be learned and applied. With an ever-increasing demand for less lethal controls, the KTCP has been released to meet the need. The Kyusho Tactical Control Program is designed for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, Security Professionals, Government Agencies, Body Guards, or any other Agency that might have a need to physically control and restrain someone after the initial stage of verbal command has passed.

Because the "use of force" issue is under fierce public attention, field officers' own safety is put at risk. The brave men and women who are in charge of protecting us are up against brutal and uncaring criminals. They are being forced to treat the perpetrator with sensitivity and regard to protect them from even minor injury. In light of this, KTCP was developed.

Utilizing the weaker anatomical structures of the human body located on the Nervous and Vascular structures (sometimes both) we are actually attacking the internal body as opposed to the external structure. The external body was designed by nature to take abuse, from strikes, falls, torn tissue, etc. What it isn't designed or adapted to is attacks on the internal structure and functions, precisely why KTCP has such a devastating and predictable effect.

KTCP is recognized for developing training systems based on documented tactical, legal, and medical research. This unique approach has allowed the KTCP to be designed as a training system that is quick and simple to learn, and easy to retain, while reducing the potential for significant injuries. This combination has become immediately popular with administrators and field officers, for they now have pressure point controls that are reliable and defensible in court. Beyond that and most importantly, THEY WORK!

The strongest asset KTCP offers is its ability to be adapted to the threat at hand. It ranges from simple compliance and handcuffing techniques to dealing with life and death attacks. The methods taught in KTCP are usable by Male and Female, Young and Older, Novice and Experienced equally. There are no set rules on when to use these methods and can be experimented freely as it relates to the needs of the specific agent and situation encountered in the field. This will make it "real" as well as integrate it into the Agent's natural responses.

Established in 2009 by Evan Pantazi, KTCP has become internationally recognized as THE Premier Pressure Point Control System available! The core of the program has been developed over almost 40 years of intensive study and research. The product of those four decades is the best program in the world. KTCP instructors specialize in training for police, corrections, security, and military personnel around the world.

Taught by a Certified Instructor you will learn how to integrate twelve initial targets/points, one human weakness, and one reflexive reaction into your methodologies. It is a non-injurious yet more powerful way to manipulate and control the assailant.


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