Women's Awareness and Personal Protection Program

"A Women's Self Defense Course Like No Other!"


While avoidance and awareness are key aspects of a personal protection mentality, one should always be prepared to deal with any assailant that invades one's personal space.

This women's personal protection course is designed to help raise personal awareness, develop street savvy tactics, and identify targets and methods of access to the weaker anatomical structures of the human body.

Utilizing these weaker anatomical structures that are located on the Nervous and Vascular structures (sometimes both) we are actually attacking the internal body as opposed to the external structure. The external body was designed by nature to take abuse, from strikes, falls, torn tissue, etc. What it isn't designed or adapted to is attacks on the internal structure and functions, precisely why WAPPP has such a devastating effect.

This is a non-technique based course, stressing the identification of structural targets on the body, how to access and activate them.

There are four levels in this program. (You do not need to take all four)

Level One: You will be introduced to 12 Targets on the body and how they can be used for personal protection.

Level Two: Attack Senarios are Intensified. Five more "Targets"are introduced (Level 1 Required)

Level Three: Multiple Assailants. Assisting someone being attacked. Having a child/adult with you. Five more Targets are introduced. (Level 2 Required)

Level Four: Weapons Attacks - Knife. Gun. Various. Using weapons - improvised weapons and self defense weapons. One more Target is introduced. (Level 3 Required)

Classes are an hour long and cover all four levels and more!

No Fancy Moves

No Experience in Martial Arts Necessary

Learn Street Savvy Tips to Increase Your Level of Awareness

Learn to Identify Structurally Weak Targets on the Body and the Devastating Effects They Cause

Learn Methods of Access to the Targets in Different Scenarios and Various Situations

Drill Methods of Access to Better the Retention and Understanding of What You are Capable

Video 1
Taken from a Women's Self Defense Level 1 seminar where the participants learn the main 12 targets of the body to attack and how to apply them under low stress attacks. 


Video 2
A Level 2 class where a participant came up with this combination of strikes to escape the attack.


Start a Training Group!

A minimum of four people is needed.

Incredibly simple. Extraordinarily effective.

For more information e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or Call (559) 697-5633

*WAPPP Co-Founders Tom Gallo and Tony Chong are Instructors in KTCP (Kyusho Tactical Control Program) certified by Kyusho International to instruct Law Enforcement, Security Professionals, Body Guards, and Government Agencies. They are also seasoned martial artists with backgrounds in various systems that specialize in empty hand close quarter tactics and weapons.

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