In the martial arts community, they refer to the knife as the “great equalizer”. I for one have to agree with that statement, however, in my humble opinion, knife attacks are more than an equalizer – it’s a game changer. Our world is becoming smaller with an unprecedented acceleration in population increase. Cities are becoming more crowded, aging infrastructure has a hard time sustaining the surge in population, the results of which gives rise to populous cities where it’s inhabitants are constantly on edge and opportunities for criminals to inflict more harm than ever before. 
My experience in martial arts has been quite lengthy, however, quite narrow versioned at the same time. I studied Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu for more than two decades. The knowledge I’ve gained served me very well in many aspects of my life and I am immensely grateful for all that I was taught. With age, observation of my environment, lack of physical mobility, I’ve noticed how my fighting knowledge didn’t translate very well in close quarter situations; nor did the ridged structure of the art allow for an aging and limited body movement. Military combat training also left that experience lacking to confidently tackle closer quarter dangers. It wasn't until a fateful night, going out to dinner with my wife, when I realized how little knowledge I had to protect not just myself, but my wife as well, against a knife wielding lunatic on a packed subway. 
Faith would have it that I was introduced to Filipino Martial Arts and knife combat. Through several networked connections I met Tom and was introduced to a martial arts system that truly defies age, bodily limitations and constantly morphs to account for any dangerous encounter. Even with my limited mobility, I’ve experienced a change in the way I physically react to knife attacks and at the same time have grown to mentally overcome the instinctive fear everyone feels when threatened with a knife. I cannot stress enough how important that last part is – knife attacks will paralyze the most experienced fighter with fear. Mentally, to be able to cope with taking a life or endanger the physical wellness of a person with a gun is hard. To do so with a knife, it takes a certain kind of person. To kill with a knife is very personal. Just the thought of penetrating flesh with a metal object at distance close enough to feel the other person’s life slip away – the crudity of that action is very raw. Someone on the receiving end of that attack feels the madness of this danger at the moment they see a blade. To be able to mentally overcome that, in my opinion, is greater than any skillset of any weapon system known to men. Hence I am grateful to Tom for training me to not only be able to analyze this instinctive fear, but to be able to deal with it and react defensively and offensively.
Tom Gallo’s knowledge of Filipino style of knife fighting, combined with his expertise is Kyusho, is a remarkably adaptable style with any body type or size. I’m integrating his lessons, not necessarily as a standalone system, but with fighting systems that I already know and comfortable with. That’s not to say that his system is not an excellent standalone system – in fact I would highly encourage anyone that wants to learn something new and effective to train with him – but more so, it’s remarkable that it can be adaptable to anything you already know. 
I hold Tom Gallo in high praises and encourage anyone that is looking to learn self-defense adaptable to today’s crazy world to learn from him.

~ George Iancu



From Evan Pantazi, Kyusho International Founder, on my 25 year mark in the Arts:

Well Tom you have become a great instructor as you are still learning. By avoiding an inflated ego you have fun and make training fun for your students. Your wit keeps you searching, your sarcasm keeps you questioning and your enthusiasm keeps you growing. 25 years is a milestone but it is the next 25 that will define you... Happy Anniversary.


More from Matt Binder who has moved out of New York for a better position in Law Enforcement:

Tom -

Wanted to stop and say how much I enjoyed and miss class. To all those out there looking for a great martial arts curriculum and even better teacher, look no further.
With a background in law enforcement I will personally attest to the fact that TACTICS works. When faced with people looking to fight on a daily basis, the incredibly adaptable techniques allow for almost instant reaction to virtually any attacker.
Tom Gallo's ability to communicate proper execution of the above mentioned techniques is the driving factor behind how successful TACTICS can be. He understands that people learn differently and to accommodate different styles, becomes as adaptable as the techniques he is teaching. The mark of a great teacher is how his/her students perform. As a student of Tom Gallo and personally knowing other students, I fully endorse TACTICS.


T.A.C.T.I.C.S., I would describe as real world techniques that follow the traditional martial arts lineage but takes it into the 21st century. 

Tom Gallo is an extremely knowledgeable and talented martial artist. As a martial artist myself with the desire to continuously expand my horizons, it is great to be able to train with him. He shows a technique, one I may already know and transforms my narrow view into a much broader understanding of several more applications for the one technique. His overall teaching style makes him a much sought after instructor for both experienced martial artists or people just beginning on their journey.
Matt Binder


I'd say T.A.C.T.I.C.S. classes are self defense teachings for any undesirable event.
With T.A.C.T.I.C.S you learn how to defend yourself when provoked through a mixture of korean style fighting skills and targeting pressure points.

Tom Gallo is an incredible instructor. He is passionate about his teaching and very exciting to learn from. He makes the class enjoyable and leaves you wanting to learn more every time. I've only been taking his class for two weeks and will not hesitate to continue forward with more classes. Looking forward to them!
Luis Solera


I’ve known Tom Gallo for many years and find him to be an upstanding, trusting, caring person, as well as a very talented martial artist. If you are looking for a true teacher of the martial arts without all the nonsense that comes with commercial schools out there today, I highly recommend meeting Tom, and trying one of his classes. It does not matter if you are a total beginner or an experienced student of the martial arts, his teaching style is relaxed, friendly and non judgmental. If you where to talk to any of his students, they would tell you how hard it is to find a great and compassionate teacher and how lucky they are to have found him. As for me, Tom is a great friend and a gifted teacher.
Dave Nahon


Tom teaches self defense workshops @ my club, Life Health & Fitness in Astoria NY. I have to say that Tom is awesome. His knowledge and teaching technique is head and shoulders above instructors in this field. The comfort level he projects onto our members enables them to feel confident enough to apply in real life situations should they arise. He is second to none and a great asset to our team.
Sophocles Tsouros


Tom and I have crossed paths often over the past 12 years and have spent a lot of time training together. Some people do, some people teach, Tom does both. I remember my first time training with him. I'm 6' 220lb he's 5'9" 150lb, first lesson, never underestimate anyone. He's unassuming but beware, he'll chop you in half if he had to. Personable, calm, mild mannered, quit witted, a great training partner with a wonderful personality. Having also been his student and watched him teach, he does a great job of bringing the material to the student. Breaks it down philosophically and psychologically and then shows the technique with the proper execution and makes the corrections and adjustments while you execute the technique over and over til you get it. I love that!
-Pete Metaxas


I've known Tom for a number of years. I've studied a form of the martial arts with Tom and found that his knowledge of the arts was more vast than I knew. Since we came from different systems I decided to learn from him. Tom's teaching style is very relaxed and patient. He isn't afraid to share, question and be very open minded with his students. I highly recommend anyone interested in the arts to take a class with Tom.
Fred Richards
Personal Trainer
Martial Arts Practitioner


My name is Marvin and I met Master Tom about 3 yrs ago. I sought him out because he was the only one who was teaching Kyusho at the time and he is currently the only certified testing Instructor in the 5 Burroughs. Once meeting him I knew we were going to have not only a Teacher/Student relationship, but a friendship as well. Master Tom has a way to himself that makes it easy to pass on and absorb info. Another one of his talents is the ability to find a weakness is a particular moment or technique in most forms of Martial Arts. I will stick with him till we're both masters with long white Beards. :-)

 Tom is a very knowledgeable and skilled martial artist. He would not be a Certified Instructor with Kyusho International if he wasn't. He also possesses a patient and "giving" nature - he's always willing to help. I would definitely recommend studying with him.
Chris Cardillo


Tom Gallo is a competent instructor.He has the abilityto take complex ideas and break them down for functional utilization for real world street confrontation.
Weather Tom is your primary instructor or an adjunct for kyusho expect advancement of your skill set

Vincent L . Zara,D.C.,C.C.S.P.,P.C.
6 th dan renshi Shorin Ryu Karate


I've trained with Tom as often as possible over the last few years. Tom is a top notch guy and a top notch instructor. I highly recommend him to anyone I speak to in the area.
Jerry Bolack


I met Tom at the dojo where I have trained now for several years and discovered, in a casual conversation, that we had received a similar prior training in Qi Gong. Our continued dialogue led to examining other arts, one being Kyusho and related practices. I have had the occasion of attending some of his seminars and have found his practical knowledge and method of teaching the applications of his practice quite inviting. I would rated this professional at the highest.
Louis Hernandez


Being an experienced Martial Artist I'm always curious to see what's out there. I consider my self a Martial Arts "Scholar" and was delighted to meet a fellow colleague Tom Gallo.

Always looking to improve and enhance my skill level I started studying Kyusho under Tom. Curious about his system T.A.C.T.I.C.S. I attended a session which turned into a private lesson (lucky me!).
Tom's approach to teaching T.A.C.T.I.C.S. is similar to the approach I use in teaching our system of F.A.L.C.O.N. COMBAT SCIENCES ( forgive me Tom for the shameless plug ... lol) .... the approach of principle and concepts before techniques. Teaching the "why"... why this works ... makes learning the "how" much easier. With this approach the student not only learns at a faster pace but also a greater chance for retention.

As a Martial Artist I highly recommend beginners as well as seasoned Martial Artist to try a class, I'm happy I did.

Again thank you Tom for sharing your knowledge and skill.


Ferdie Uson

Co-Founder and Master Instructor


My Name is Anastasios Mylonas , Tom got me interested in pressure points and knife defense. I love it and wish he could teach more times a week so I can reach a higher level, the things he teaches allot have forgot with this new sad era of the word mma involved with martial arts. What Tom Gallo teaches is a ART!



I just wanted to go on the record

I have trained with you and have been instructed by you and I have to say your knowledge and training methods are second to no one.

What you bring to the table would benefit anyone you train. You are the guy I want in the foxhole with me.

I think it's amazing you keep learning new and better ways to train us.

Thanks again for your support.

Wayne L.



Hey Tom,

You guys were great! Even though it is a serious topic you, Tony and Marvin created a comfortable and fun environment in which to learn the targets. Hope never to use these targets – but I feel better knowing I have a smarter way to defend myself.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.

Fanny J.


Oh my goodness, just wanted to thank you, tony and the rest of the guys who were nice enough to let us demo. It was to me totally worth it and have been telling all my friends here at work how they really really should consider doing this class. I was impressed and think that this class is beneficial to anyone no matter your experience or non-experience. You guys totally rocked and thanks and can't wait for the next one!

Jenny C.


I recently attended a WAPPP seminar, which is a form of martial arts designed for women to learn unsophisticated and essential techniques and methods for personal safety. At first, I was undecided about attending a class as I have never had any kind of formal martial arts
training, but surprisingly I was able to walk away from a class with effective ways to defend myself and a stronger sense of security. I advise women to participate in the program- it's beneficial and simple to learn.

Nancy A.


I really enjoyed the woman's self defense class. I thought it was very informative. I think it's helpful to know how to defend myself and be aware of my surroundings. The points we learned were definitely vital for a beginner's class. I would definitely want to partake in another class not only to become more knowledgeable about additional points but to brush up on the previous points I have learned. At the end of the day, I just wanted to come out of the class feeling more comfortable that I could defend myself if I was ever in a bad situation.

Marisa S.


Therese A.



Thank you Tom,

You were a breath of fresh air. You and your group were very nice. It was great having you there for our Taikai.

--David C. Falcaro Sensei
Head instructor of the Godaishin Dojo, Neji Gekken Ryu, Sogobujutsu as well as the Kaicho of the Jihi Bujutsu Kai


Kyusho Class is not a martial arts class. It is more of an anatomy class.

They don't teach you MA since you know it.

They teach you how to enhance what you do.

If you want to enhance your style of martial arts,

Kyusho Jutsu is very applicable and efficient.


“ This was my first Kyusho class, and it was definitely an eye opener!

(and not because my pressure points were activated) lol.

Tom Gallo provided a comfortable environment to learn in, and the other guys were down to earth, supporting and informative.

I will be a "regular" now. Thanks ”

“ If you are serious about your style of martial arts

and want to be more effective, Kyusho is a must!!!! ”



“ very welcoming, informative and comfortable -- except

when on the receiving end of point work. Then the comfort part kind of vanished,

but just for a moment. They are good hearted people.

I plan on returning next Meetup. ”

“ The techniques and principles can easily be applied

in any other practice, both to help and harm as the circumstances warrant. Overall it is a good thing to know. ”
—Mark T.


“ Relaxed, no pressure, easy to integrate ”

“ Excellent. Something to be experienced. I think this is what I needed to get back into martial arts. ”

— John T.


Weapons Workshop

Working with weapons used to intimidate me before I started training them the "TACTICS" way. Master Tom has a way of simplifying principals, and working them in practical easy to learn drills for attacking and defending against various weapons. At the end of every class I leave feeling stronger with the knowledge I have gained. Since I started I now realize anything can be used as a weapon.

Thanks Tom,

-Marvin F




I always enjoyed learning how to use weapons but this class teaches something more important, how to defend against them! Unfortunately I cannot carry around a sword or arnis stick so most likely I will have to use my hands to protect against being attacked my someone with a weapon. That is what we are learning in this workshop. And more!

I highly recommend it to everyone!!

- George J.






To Whom it may concern
Re: KTCP - Kyusho Tactical Control Program


It is with great enthusiasm that I formally endorse the KTCP as a pressure point control system for use by law enforcement, military and professional security agents.


In my over two decades to working in this field as an instructor I have seen at least a dozen “pressure point” type program. While
each had its’ individual merits, only the KTCP can be seen as a complete program.
More specifically its ability to be effective regardless of the officers size or strength. While many systems make this claim, only the KTCP is truly this effective.


Additionally the KTCP is built on an escalating
premise. It contains techniques capable of simple deterrence as well as techniques designed to completely incapacitate an assailant.
At this time I have prepared the KTCP for submission to Arizona POST, Missouri POST, Nevada POST and Georgia POST. I am certain these agencies will support the program.


I would gladly discuss any aspect of this program with your representative at any time.


Fred Mastison
President - Force Options Tactical Training Solutions
Force Options
Tactical Training Solutions
1975 N. Jackson Chandler, Arizona 85225 USA
Tele 480-242-5439 fax 480-393-7295 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Force Options
Tactical Training Solutions




Marcello Giannola


Polizia di Stato in Palermo Italy


“In my opinion, the knowledge and use of Kyusho is very important for the police officers who are working often in situations of conflict or even dangerous, to meet with the proportionality offense received or probably received, forcing the operator at frequently less use supplied weapon and use of physical coercion without the use of specific weapons including non-firearm. All this, implies by these operators, knowledge of a system that has as its objectives the following points:


Non-hazardous nature of the system or the appropriate response to danger and situations.


The opportunity to learn a few simple techniques and easily training without the complicated knowledge of developed engine schemes


Valid for men and women


Avoiding further legal consequences related to the use of excessive force, criminal complaints for power abuse of and excess negligence related to physical injuries reported perpetrator although not serious but still visible.


Profit for the police which work in jail, to quell without use of weapons (prohibited inside the prison by the security staff) any fights.


Departments of public order (Italian police) dedicated to the maintenance of public order during of public demonstrations or protest violent or not, where the use of weapons is still prohibited in the security and guarantee the “right” to strike or protest event.


Medical Team on board of Unit public emergency. Can be used for interventions on people in confusion due to excessive alcohol and drugs, mentally ill or example even at times to quell the relatives panic aggressive and all people involved in traffic accidents with serious injuries.


Useful attempted suicide intervention.


In my experience of 13 years of police officer in recent years of learning, training and improvement I found, in the Kyusho, the right way to handle the potentially dangerous people to himself and others.


I served at:


Catch Fugitives Squad (Calabria)


Escort services in Personality (Judges and Politics)


Highway Patrol in Palermo


Safety and Supervision Services of sensitive targets”




Detective Inspector Henrik Englelkes


Stockholm Regional CID, Narcotics Division.


"The first time I used (Kyusho) pressure points to control a suspect, I was surprised that it worked so well. Some people had told me that the points won't work when the suspect is under the influence of drugs, so I couldn't be sure of the effect. But the pressure points have never failed. The officers I teach in self defense and pressure points are also very satisfied with the techniques in their every day work.


I use (Kyusho) basically every time I touch, grab or throw someone. Usually the suspect doesn't really understand that I am well prepared if he chooses to resist the arrest. Many of the points I use in my work do not hurt when accessed, on when applied with some force.


But at that stage it is already too late for the suspect to do anything about it. He is already on the ground or in a controlled position. Furthermore the pain from the point will be reduced shortly after the pressure is gone and it will seldom leave any marks on the body.


And those factors are good for many reasons. One is that you know that you haven't hurt anyone for real and another is that the suspect also can accept the short but painful technique since the pain actually did diminish or disappear very shortly after.


Some people argue that people under the influence of drugs doesn't feel pain, and thus the pressure points should be useless. That, in my experience, is not true. It doesn't really matter if they feel the pain. The nervous system will still react as predicted most of the times. It isn't the pain that is the key; it is the physical reaction to the stimuli. Pain can be good in training, because it tells us that we are in the nerves.


From a legal security aspect the pressure points are of great value. The knowledge of (Kyusho) pressure points in a law enforcement agency makes the need of violent and heavy force techniques less. That is of course good for the citizen that is being subjected to force. A suspect that is being detained or arrested shouldn't be hurt by the officers, if possible. When the officer goes to home after work he or she will feel a lot better. of no one has been hurt or unnecessary rough treated due to the lack of good techniques. Pressure points are the knowledge that will make law enforcement agencies a lot safer for both parties. They are easy to learn and to integrate into already existing systems. The officer doesn't need to learn new techniques; they just need to understand the mechanisms of the body and the techniques a little bit more. The nerves are under skin, and the reactions when pressure is applied to them are mostly predictable since many of the points activate reflex reactions that can be studied. There is nothing strange about pressure points; it is plain knowledge of body functions and especially about the nervous system.


I can recommend the use of (Kyusho) pressure points for all law enforcement personnel. I will also recommend that you always use a certified instructor when implementing the knowledge into an official system."


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